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News » Hoteliers, Save Money By Going Green!

The hotel industry gets hit hard when it comes to energy bills. Whilst other sectors can turn off at the end of the working day, the hotel industry can’t because, well, there isn’t a ‘working day’. As a hotelier, you need to keep your premises switched on 24/7. It’s even harder if your hotel is in a listed building as many are, especially in more rural areas. Being in a listed building restricts the ways in which you can modernise/adapt your premises meaning you can’t always run the most efficient systems. It’s these reasons that are to blame for many hoteliers saying energy bills are their second biggest outgoing after people and are by far their fastest growing cost.

The Carbon Trust however estimates that you can slash your hotels energy bills by 20% if you’re more energy efficient – listed building or not there are steps you can take to make your hotel that little bit greener.

Regular boiler servicing itself can save you 10% year on year alone. Having an expert come in to your building and make sure everything is ticking along as it should be on a regular basis means you’re less likely to be wasting energy and money by things not working as they should. It also decreases the risk of something drastically going wrong hence lowering the risk of costly call out charges when you find yourself with a bit of an emergency on your hands.

British Gas have compiled a list of simple steps you can take to lower your hotels energy bills. For more advice on keeping energy bills low, get in touch with us and see what we can do to help make your hotel more energy efficient.


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