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Blow torch failure

Don’t you hate it when you get an emergency call out then your blow torch failure

Who Are The ISO?

The International Organisation for Standards, otherwise known as ISO, are the worlds ┬álargest developer of international standards. Made up of national standards bodies from all over the world, they began in 1947 when delegates from 25 countries met in London. They decided to create an organisation to ‘facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards’. In February 1947 the ISO officially began operations. They give efficient and effective specifications… (read more)

Is Refrigeration Top Of Your Priorities? It Should Be!

Whatever your commercial property, refrigeration is probably something you take for granted…until it goes wrong. If you’re in an office block, you probably use the fridge to keep your milk chilly & your sandwiches cool. If you’re in catering you might value your refrigeration equipment a little bit more, but it’s still probably not something that you’d list amongst the most important things in your business. But the truth is,… (read more)

Hoteliers, Save Money By Going Green!

The hotel industry gets hit hard when it comes to energy bills. Whilst other sectors can turn off at the end of the working day, the hotel industry can’t because, well, there isn’t a ‘working day’. As a hotelier, you need to keep your premises switched on 24/7. It’s even harder if your hotel is in a listed building as many are, especially in more rural areas. Being in a… (read more)

What Is Refcom?

Refcom is the Register of Companies Competent to Manage Refrigerants. Refcom actively encourages companies to operate in line with industry best practices to make them as environmentally aware as possible whilst making sure they are compliant with all the relevant legislation. The body also makes sure all employees are adequately trained so that they can carry out their job safely & to a high standard. Refcom was set up back… (read more)

What Are My Legal Requirements As A Hotelier?

All hoteliers have a duty of care to their guests and employees (if there are any). The law protects anyone who stays/enters the hotel with regulations – here are a few things you must know if you’re a hotelier. All gas appliances must meet with the Gas Safety Regulations Act 1998. This means that it is vital you ensure all your appliances, such as boilers and catering equipment, are regularly… (read more)

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