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What Is Refcom?

Refcom is the Register of Companies Competent to Manage Refrigerants. Refcom actively encourages companies to operate in line with industry best practices to make them as environmentally aware as possible whilst making sure they are compliant with all the relevant legislation. The body also makes sure all employees are adequately trained so that they can carry out their job safely & to a high standard. Refcom was set up back… (read more)

What Are My Legal Requirements As A Hotelier?

All hoteliers have a duty of care to their guests and employees (if there are any). The law protects anyone who stays/enters the hotel with regulations – here are a few things you must know if you’re a hotelier. All gas appliances must meet with the Gas Safety Regulations Act 1998. This means that it is vital you ensure all your appliances, such as boilers and catering equipment, are regularly… (read more)

Premier of Lytham Is Now Premier Building Service Engineers

You might have noticed, we’ve changed our name from Premier of Lytham to Premier Building Service Engineers or Premier BSE for short. The change came last summer after we decided that the name didn’t represent accurately the wide range of locations we cover. We’re actually based in Preston, but we travel the length and breadth of the north west, predominantly serving Lancashire & Cumbria. You’ll be able to spot any… (read more)

Is your boiler ready for winter?

Is your boiler ready for winter? It’s getting to that time of year again.. it’s cold, it’s dark and we all want to come home to warmth and comfort. We also want to splurge all our hard earned cash on christmas – the last thing anyone wants is a last minute panic call to an engineer because the boilers given up. The best way to keep the cold at bay… (read more)

Interactive Gas Map highlights gas dangers in your area

Data released this week from the Gas Safety Register has found that 1 in 6 homes in the UK have at least one unsafe gas appliance! Perhaps even more worrying however, is that despite 8 out of 10 homeowners being aware of the importance of having gas appliances regularly checked, 1 in 3 have never have their appliances looked at by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. These figures, collected after… (read more)

Keep your commercial property energy efficient as prices rise

Winter. It’s an expensive yet lucrative period for businesses with heating bills, christmas time and adverse weather conditions to factor in when considering costs and pricing structures. And, with energy providers announcing recently that costs to the consumer are set rise even further, it’s become increasingly apparent that keeping our businesses energy efficient is a huge factor in keeping costs low. Here at Premier, we’re experts in energy, we’re specialists… (read more)

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