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News » Keep your commercial property energy efficient as prices rise

Winter. It’s an expensive yet lucrative period for businesses with heating bills, christmas time and adverse weather conditions to factor in when considering costs and pricing structures. And, with energy providers announcing recently that costs to the consumer are set rise even further, it’s become increasingly apparent that keeping our businesses energy efficient is a huge factor in keeping costs low.

Here at Premier, we’re experts in energy, we’re specialists when it comes to heating, electrical maintenance and air conditioning systems to name a few, and we want to help you keep your costs down. As well as keeping on top of maintenance and repairs, there are a few other things you can do to keep energy costs at a minimum just as providers increase their prices;

  1. Control your lighting – if your office block or workplace has multiple light-switches, label them. This will prompt your employees to only flick the switches they need. You could also consider installing occupancy sensors in rooms barely used; this means lights will turn on and off as and when people enter or leave the room.
  2. Make sure your air-conditioning systems aren’t fighting your heating systems. Check the settings and choose optimum temperatures to stop a constant switching between heating and cooling.
  3. Put timers on things like vending machines and drinks dispensers, this will keep them off at weekends etc.
  4. Check your refrigeration – is it efficient? If it resembles an ice box or keeps it’s contents more than chilled, the answer is probably no. We can help you with this – get in touch.
  5. Insulation; is your commercial building/property insulated correctly or is it losing heat unnecessarily?
  6. Finally, heating, ventilation and cooling account for around half of all of a buildings energy costs – check your systems are working as they should be.




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